Top 3 Mods for Suzuki DR350

Avto 7 October, 2019

Rarely does someone buy a dirt bike that they feel is perfect from end to end. As soon as the new wears off, and many times long before, riders are making mental notes on what to tweak, swap and upgrade. Maybe you want more power to get you off the line faster, or perhaps you’re fine with the core but want to spruce up your bike’s looks. One thing never to cheat yourself on is dirt bike riding gear that can protect you in a crash. Whether you race, ride trails or both, your options are endless when it comes to modifying systems or parts of your bike. Here are the top three mods for owners of the Suzuki DR350.

1. Exhaust

Many riders look to the exhaust system to find additional power, and they’re looking in the right place. A new exhaust can provide that extra boost that puts you across the finishing line first. Features that can benefit your ride include:

  • Lightweight aluminum body
  • Quick throttle response
  • Removable spark arrestor (for closed tracks)
  • Steel Allen head screws for easy repacking
  • Modular end cap with tunable power

Of course, if you’re happy with your overall exhaust system, you can always stick to fine-tuning various parts. A mini-sound suppressor can quiet the pipe without dragging down the horsepower, which is just one of several options you can try.

2. Fenders

You can’t avoid mud, water and debris; these things are part of any ride. When muck is churned up by your tires, it can cover your face and impair your vision, a dangerous condition. It can also wind up all over your bike, which is especially harmful to the moving parts. Protect your machine and your face by replacing stock fenders with front and rear mudguards that can hold up the challenges of track racing and trail riding. When shopping for aftermarket parts for Suzuki DR350, consider which features are most important. For example, long, narrow fenders can help keep your back dry when throwing up rooster tails, while adjustable mudguards can fit a wider variety of tires.

3. Carburetor

Another part that affects engine performance is your bike’s carburetor. If you have tried to adjust air or fuel flow and are not getting the results you want, it may be time to try something different. Consider a design that minimizes bore-throat turbulence by removing obstacles and openings, thereby boosting airflow efficiency, which leads to increased speed and power. Or, if you have modified your engine, consider a two-stroke carburetor with several bore sizes that let you adjust the fuel/airflow to match. You have several options in carburetors to fit your ride and deliver the performance you’re seeking. Both aftermarket and genuine Suzuki parts are typically available from your online supplier.

Tweaking Is Part of the Thrill

If you ride hard, and most dirt bike riders do, it probably seems like you’re always tweaking something. For most riders, knowing their modifications can improve performance is part of the thrill. Go ahead and tweak to your heart’s content, then come back next time out and do it again. Remember, however, not to cut corners on dirt bike riding gear that can help keep you safe.