Toyota Camry in 2018: the nerd of the class

Avto 22 August, 2017
  • Germain Goyer

    Germain Goyer

    Tuesday, 22 August, 2017 10:12

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    In high school, we all experienced a little nerd. He was the one who never missed a day of school, the one who was sitting in before, one that included more quickly than the other and refilait his notes to the other.

    In the world of the self, this little nerd, it is the Toyota Camry. Since always, it got the job done without flinching. Long recognized as one of the cars the more flat, it could however boast of trôner in terms of reliability.

    However, the segment of the midsize sedan, which includes among others the
    Honda Accord, Mazda 6 and Hyundai Sonata of this world, is in loss of speed. And for the Camry, the fact to be simply the most reliable is no longer enough.
    Toyota has therefore rolled up its sleeves in order to boost the Camry and conquer new market shares.

    Toyota Camry 2018

    Germain Goyer


    Nasty change

    For 2018, the changes are major for the Camry. It is a change of generation, and nothing less. Besides, it is returned to the eighth since its inception in 1982.

    The platform has been completely revised and it now relies on the new structure TNGA as it is known thanks to the Prius and the CH-R.

    Aesthetically, it is highlighting the efforts of Toyota with the new Camry. He has drawn a real grille. Same thing for headlights and rear. A paint two-tones is also provided which gives life to the silhouette. The rims are also in good taste. We don’t have the impression that these are beasts of wheels for winter steel. A red leather interior is even available. Attach your tuque…

    Toyota Camry 2018

    Germain Goyer


    At the wheel

    It is definitely more rigid than before, the Camry 2018. During the slalom with the cones, it proved to be more comfortable, but more importantly, effective. However, in terms of the direction, it is not known what happened in the office of the engineer, but the turning radius has increased to 20 cm. In fact, the turning diameter is increased from 11.2 million to 11.4 mr In city driving, it was found less easily manageable.

    Under the hood, we find the usual trio: four-cylinder, V6 and hybrid. The V6 is a commodity increasingly rare in this segment. In effect, the Accord, Sonata and Malibu are a few examples of models that have moved away from this engine, often for the benefit of turbocharging. In my opinion, nothing can touch the flexibility of a six-cylinder, and this test of the Camry confirmed once more. In regards to the hybrid version, its practical, has been reviewed. The back of his rear seat can now be folded down to carry long objects. In addition, the batteries have been relocated under the rear seat, to provide the same cargo volume in the trunk than the gasoline powered version, is 427 L.

    From the first spins of the wheel, we see that the Camry eighth generation is more silent than before. The silence and the smooth ride, this is what research very often the target market of the Camry. And it will be served more than ever. However, it has been noticed wind noise around the pillar A. At a speed of about 100 km/h, they became unpleasant.

    Toyota Camry 2018

    Germain Goyer



    Alas, it is impossible to have Apple Car Play or Android Auto in the Camry. Rather, it was attempted to design an alternative program: Entune. It’s good, but definitely not to the point.

    We tried to provide a voice instruction in French, without success, despite several attempts by a few individuals. Certainly, the idea is more than commendable to want to protect the data of its customers. However, what the average driver wants, it is able to stupidly connect his smartphone in his car and take advantage of the effectiveness of systems already proven. In comparison with Apple Car Play or Android Auto, Entune has a crust to eat.

    We still enjoyed the large surface area on which is projected information when the hud is enabled. It is easily readable and remains the same even if our leadership position changes in the course of kilometers.

    Toyota Camry 2018

    Germain Goyer



    If the little nerd of the class organizes a party while her parents are away, it may not be a party that will go down in history. It’s good to take notes in class, and it should focus on it. Same thing for the Camry. It should not try to present himself as a car dynamic because it is, unfortunately, not one of them.

    Is it reliable? If the past is any indication of the future, then yes. Is it comfortable? Yes. Is it spacious? Yes. Is it a car that you would recommend? Absolutely. But is it dynamic? Unfortunately not and it is feared that it is never. To go look for the clients who have traded in the sedan for an SUV, it will take more.

    Even if she changes her attitude and she changes her appearance, but she will never be the coolest of the class.

    Toyota Camry 2018

    Germain Goyer


    Technical data sheet

    Name: Toyota Camry 2018

    Base price : 27 384$

    Price of the model to the test: ?

    Configuration : the Vehicle front-wheel drive with engine at the front

    Mechanical : four-cylinder Engine of 2.5 L, six cylinder engine 3.5 L engine and hybrid 2.5 L

    Power/torque: 203 hp/ 184 lb-ft, 301-hp/267 lb-ft, 176-hp/163 lb-ft

    Transmission : eight-speed Automatic, constant variation (CVT)

    Fuel consumption announced: 8.1 L/100 km (city) 5.7 L/100 km (highway), 10.5 L/100 km (city), 7.1 L/100 km (highway), 4.9 L/100 km (city) 4.8 L/100 km (highway)

    Warranty basic : 3 years/60 000 km

    Competition: Honda Accord, Mazda 6, Hyundai Sonata, Nissan Altima, Volkswagen Passat

    Rating (out of 10)

    Fuel consumption : 8

    Equipment : 7

    Price : 7

    Style : 7

    Comfort (front) : 8

    Comfort (rear) : 8

    Road holding : 7

    Performance : 7

    Storage space : 7

    Overall rating : 7


    Proven reliability

    V6 engine still available

    Low power consumption for the hybrid version (4.9 L/100 km)


    Not Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

    Turning radius

    Driving less dynamic than advertised