Tribute to char ordinary

Avto 2 March, 2018
  • Christine Lemus

    Germain Goyer

    Friday, 2 march 2018 07:30

    Friday, 2 march 2018 07:30

    Look at this article

    A little bit everywhere, trying to sell us beautiful new tanks. Worse, large SUV! You know, the type of vehicle that we boast not yourself of the qualities, but only very small payments to two weeks.

    But me, I don’t like it. It does not say much, all of it. What I like, at the bottom, these are the tanks ordinary. The minounes.

    You know, the kind of char that you got for peanuts and that is worth as much as a payment of a BMW.

    The kind of self that always shows a little more rust each spring. And this is not serious. As all of the body panels are still together, that’s all that counts.

    The kind of char with which you are happy for it to rain because you say that it’s going to wash it. Because even if it was three or four years that thou hast, thou hast ever led a car wash and you have even fewer lathered up for yourself, there is a consensus.

    This is what is fun, is that in addition to not expensive when you buy it, the tank ordinary you do not cost much to ensure not more. Not of value to new and cossins like that. You say that it is correct even if it is just assured of an edge.

    When you’re in town, you’re not afraid of finding parking in places that are a little narrow. After all, you say to yourself that even if you do hang it, it will just be a time of more.

    Then as it is ordinary, your char, you’ll be in a standard one-car garage to be repaired. No need to go to the dealer. Anyway, it’s been many oil changes your warranty is over.

    Your char is ordinary, it makes you live beautiful emotions as well. You’ve experienced things with him. When you turn the key, you expect just that it will start. Even if you’ve (almost!) completely trust him, you’re dragging cables booster in your trunk. Just in case…

    A char really ordinary is not quite of its time. You know, with no plogue auxiliary, the fact that you’re forced to listen to your old CD of Nickelback and your tapes of Rock et belles oreilles. A bit of nostalgia, it never hurts.

    It is also the sort of auto which you’re not afraid to carry anything. A priori, carting a lawn mower in the trunk of an old Sentra, this is not optimal. Yet, this is what I did all last summer. The remaining of the lawn lying on the carpet of the suitcase, it was anything but serious.

    Often, a chariot and ordinary as it has no air conditioning. Or if it has, well it may be that it no longer works. After all, a minoune, she has accumulated years behind the tie.

    All that to say that in the summer, it forces you to lower the windows and breathe fresh air. It doesn’t make you harm, because inside, there are sometimes small odors.

    This is what is well, also, it is that as it is ordinary, you know that you’ll do not steal. And then if it ever happened, well, this is not a serious pentoute. You’ll find another one, a char just as ordinary.

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