Twitter wants to put more emphasis on your profile photos

Techno 23 January, 2017

Until then, changing profile pictures on Twitter went unnoticed, or almost. But now, a simple hashtag changes everything …
Decidedly, it is confirmed, in 2017, the social network with the little blue bird took the lead to surprise you and, above all, improve the experience you live on the social network. The editorial ‘of meltyStyle you spoke at the beginning of the year, Twitter could soon allow you to edit your tweets , even if the path to achieve it still seems long. And that’s not counting the fact that Twitter will soon integrate Periscope and Vine directly into its social network . But, for the moment, what we wanted to talk to you, it is not a new functionality that would land more in all these novelties. What is changing today is that the profile photos take on a new dimension on the microblogging website. What do you mean ? Well, quite simply, the social network intends to make viral your changes of photos, via a dedicated hashtag.
And yes, Twitter now encourages you to share your new profile picture through a dedicated hashtag. Specifically, as explained in the website Digital Age , “with the hashtag #NouvellePhotoDeProfil in France, or #NewProfilePic on the English version, Twitter seems to want more interactivity on its social network. The advantage for users is to share change their profile picture with your community and get more engagement ” . Now, as soon as you change the photo that appears at the top left of your profile, Twitter will propose (sharing is not compulsory) to make a tweet with the hashtag to inform your subscribers about your #New ProfilePhoto . What make you lather a bit, like on Facebook. Because it’s always nice to receive compliments on a new photo, you can not deny it. What do you think of this novelty?