Uber arrives at the airport: lower rates, promises we

Business 13 December, 2016

Arrival at the airport Monday Uber promises to be less expensive than taxis to the delight of many travelers.
The flat rate of $ 40 imposed on taxis and Teo Taxi for a ride to the city center will not apply to Uber, decided Aeroports de Montreal (ADM) in its agreement with the company entered into force yesterday.
Confident, the multinational promises prices between $ 30 and $ 33 with a UberX. “You guarantee me a price between $ 27 and 36 to go in Old Montreal, confirmed yesterday afternoon Carol O’Sullivan, a client who has just arrived in Toronto, showing her cell. And even if it was the same price as taxis, Uber drivers are friendlier and more convenient service. ”

order before
Unlike taxis, customers will not wait an Uber, but will order one so that the “driver-partners” waiting in a parking lot, located 2 km away, come and collect them. Boarding will be at the same place as Teo Taxi or upstairs departures. For the customer, take a taxi – the arrivals level – or Uber require walking a distance equivalent, less than 2 minutes.

Crowds come?
Another difference with current services, ADM does not impose any offer limited service Uber then it issues 325 permits to taxis and allows a dozen Teo Taxi to operate vehicles.

“How they are going to handle the influx, if Uber hundreds of customers arrive at the same time?” Asked Georges Karam, airport taxi driver for 4 years. He believes that the project is unrealistic, since Teo Uber Taxi and each have a space to ship customers while 7-13 slots are dedicated to taxis. “When there is the same world with us [taxis], it creates queues.”

ADM confirmed that the waiting parking Uber drivers located outside the airport grounds could accommodate sixty vehicles.

Anger and anxiety

The Common Front taxi strongly denounced the deal because they believe the law is clear, “only some drivers have access to the airport.”

Taxi drivers met at the airport showed their anger, discouragement, but mostly concern.

“It’s a double standard, the price should be fixed for all”, Hamid believes Agzachi, it will lose some customers. From its 20 years of experience at the airport, he is most concerned about the future of the profession, their license expires in late April.

Fair, says ADM

But according to ADM, the agreement is fair although taxis pay a fee to the “pick up”. In 2015, the amount of the license amounted to $ 3,600.

“[For taxis] it represents $ 1.16 per race, said Christiane Beaulieu, Vice President of Communications. For Uber Taxi and Teo, we impose $ 3 per trip, “ensuring that taxis will soon be fixed on the future operation at Montreal-Trudeau

Uber: $ 30 to $ 56, depending on the type of vehicle *
Teo Taxi: $ 40 flat rate
Taxis: $ 40 flat rate
* Based on company estimates. The price may be adjusted or varied according to traffic density.