Ultimate Ears presents the Wonderboom, its waterproof enclosure at less than 100 euros!

Techno 29 March, 2017

Ultimate Ears has unveiled the Wonderboom, an enclosure that will accompany you all summer! It is water resistant, easy to transport and use, and is not expensive … In short, it has everything to please.
After facing the fall and winter, we finally entered the best time of year … Spring and summer. Finished the freezing temperatures and the black night at 17 hours … Hello the aperitifs between friends and the afternoons to tan. Admit that it has more appeal! Do you already see yourself at the pool partying on your favorite sounds? So no doubt, you’re going to kiffer the enclosure that the Ultimate Ears brand has just unveiled! Named Wonderboom, it focuses on sound, portability and waterproofness, while being easy to use. Its compact size will allow you to carry it anywhere with you – unlike the Beolit ​​17 from B & O Play that was recently tested – and its mini price will avoid you getting angry with your banker. It can be useful ! Before telling you more about the product concerned, we let you discover it in the picture below.
Suggesting a powerful sound with a small object, it is the successful bet by Ultimate Ears with the Wonderboom that it has just presented. Easy to carry, the speaker heats the bass for a great clarity. The sound is broadcast at 360 °, so that everyone around can enjoy it. But it is not only this aspect that has been optimized … Its use too! The large + and – buttons control the sound, while pressing the speaker base activates the pause mode. It can also be paired with another Wonderboom, simply by pressing both speakers at the same time. Nothing simpler … But its star functionality is obviously its IPX7 certification. The product of Ultimate Ears is water resistant, In addition to resisting shocks. The ideal for your next pool party … Especially since it has 10 hours of autonomy. Available in black, gray, pink, purple, red and blue, the Wonderboom is worth 99 euros and will be available in early April . Be Online on meltyStyle for the exact date. What color does the Wonderboom make the most?