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Techno 2 April, 2018

2018-04-02 21:31

Vegetarians are less healthy and are worse than meat eaters”! That’s why
According to scientists…

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The health of vegetarians is not as strong as the meat lovers. And this despite the fact that the first drink less alcohol, virtually no smoke and more physically active than meat eaters, reports Rus.Media.

This is stated in the study conducted by the Medical University of Graz in Austria from may to January of 2013-2014.

It is known that vegetarians do not consume saturated fat and animal products, their menu consists mainly of fruits, vegetables and whole grain products.

Such a diet appeared to increase the risk of cancer, it leads to allergies and mental health disorders.

The experts gathered information about the incidence of various ailments among vegetarians and meat eaters.

In the table included as hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, and depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

The study involved 1,320, and they were divided into four groups:

  • vegetarians
  • the consumers of meat with lots of vegetables and fruits,
  • moderate consumers of meat;
  • active meat-eaters.

It was found that vegetarians consumed less alcohol and have lower rates of body weight, but still get sick more often than other groups. Their mental health also leaves much to be desired.

The risk of becoming victims of heart attacks, cancer, depression and other mental disorders in vegetarians higher by as much as 50%.

The authors of the article have denied allegations that the main sponsors of their research are manufacturers of meat food products.

Scientists have suggested that such results due to the fact that vegetarians are people with initially poor health, who are looking to improve. However, the participants themselves have not confirmed this.

Insights from this study can be done is clear: a vegetarian diet makes people healthier and especially does not protect them from cancer.

What do you think about this? You are the enemy to a vegetarian diet or a fan?

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