Vikings season 5: Heahmund (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), perfect rival for Ivar?

A few months from the launch of season 5 of Vikings, could Heahmund (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) be the perfect rival for Ivar?
A face to face waited! While we were wondering who would kill Lagertha in season 5 of Vikings , the next episodes of the History series will be marked by the war that will confront Bishop Heahmund (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers) with Ivar. From then on, we may wonder if Heahmund would not be the perfect rival of Ragnar’s son. Indeed, the creator, Michael Hirst, said that the two characters shared many similarities and that Heahmund would be a real threat to the Vikings: “Like Ivar, Heahmund is a conflictual person, a fundamentalist. Of the inevitable in the fact that these two personages will confront each other.Ivar was able to demonstrate that in spite of his handicap, He was a formidable warrior, knowing how to handle the axes as a person and being able to establish paying strategies. Heahmund will not be outdone since he is not only a religious, he is also a Saxon warrior, with great skills in the handling of the sword.
We find other similarities in the way they deal with death. While for the Vikings, death marks the entrance to Valhalla, at the table of Odin, the creator tease that “these new fighters are ready to fight the pagan army. They are fundamentalists ready to die in combat for their Faith ” . In other words, death does not frighten Heahmund , just as it does not frighten Ivar, which promises battles without concessions and not risk-free. Although we have had a good demonstration of what Ivar is capable of when he no longer controls his anger (he killed his brother Sigurd), Heahmund may have a bloodthirsty and uncontrollable character .
Finally, the lack of moral conscience could be another common thread between Ivar and Heahmund . Indeed, the first one has already proved that he did not master his impulsiveness and that in fact he did not respect social conventions, while the second, at his first appearance, makes love to a widow, just After having consoled him during the funeral ceremony of his late husband. With these two characters, to say that these are breathtaking fights await us and that Ivar could have found a rival to his height! It remains to be seen who will win the war ! Lately, we shared several spin-off ideas for Vikings! Do you think that Heahmund is the perfect rival for Ivar?

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