VR Helmet: Disney is working on his own model … to make you fight Dark Vador!

Techno 30 March, 2017

The Disney giant is also working on virtual reality, a technology that is increasingly in vogue. His CEO would even like to see you fighting bad guys like Darth Vader!
Disney soon to be virtual reality leader? That’s what his big boss, Bob Iger, seems to want. After getting his hands on Lucas Films, Marvel Studios and making Disneyland the biggest amusement parks in the world, the man wants to continue his progression. The latter says that his company Disney is currently working on the design of a virtual reality helmet but that this technology would surely not be implanted in the attractions. Why is that ? Because the visitor must take full advantage of the real sensations offered to him and not cut himself off from the world by shutting himself up in virtual reality (which will be the sex of tomorrow according to the somewhat frightening prediction of the founder of Holo Girl VR ).
Bob Iger, on the other hand, sees an augmented reality that could be coupled with virtual reality. To illustrate his example, the CEO imagines for example the users to face the terrible Dark Vader, saber-laser in hand, or even an army of Stormtroopers . A possibility that should give water to the mouths of fans of the famous intergalactic franchise. The Disney virtual reality headset is currently only at the prototype stage as many projects are concerned with RV (like this start-up that offers to watch your soccer games with this technology ): So be patient before you can enjoy it! A VR Disney helmet, it makes you want?