VR Helmet: Tomorrow’s sex will be in RV after the founder of Holo Girls VR

Techno 9 March, 2017

Will the sex of tomorrow be entirely oriented towards virtual reality? This is what the founder of Holo Girls VR thinks!
With the democratization of virtual reality, the porn industry obviously seeks to outperform the game as evidenced by the incursion of one of the market leaders in this medium . But will the sex of tomorrow be entirely turned to VR helmets? This is what the founder of Holo Girls VR, Brian Shuster, seems to think from an interview given to the very serious Huffington Post . For man, it is simple: with the democratization of this technology, virtual reality will take precedence over carnal relationships in real life. The CEO of Holo Girls VR advances as an argument the fact that the virtual does not know limits and that according to him, the risks of infidelities could be reduced …
However, it is impossible not to see behind the speech of the owner of a naughty site in virtual reality a pure marketing approach. Because despite the immense possibilities offered by this technology (imagine you find yourself in the middle of a horror movie, feeling the fear of the characters), the distance that it can create between the Men will always make the possibility of replacing the “true Sex ” impossible. This is one of the arguments put forward by Tim Cook to justify the positioning of Apple in augmented rather than virtual reality which according to the CEO cuts much less the link with our environment. But with a porn industry always as profitable on the side of the RV ( it even allows to smell sexual odors !), The latter is not ready to lose speed! What do you think of Brian Shuster?