Watches online: Samsung Gear S3 inspires designers

Techno 29 March, 2017

Who said that a high-tech giant could not inspire the creators? These connected watches based on the Gear S3 should make you change your mind.
As of 2016, the Gear S3 has become one of the most popular models of high-tech aficionados (even though the Apple Watch is still the third best selling connected watch ). And while Baselworld is currently taking place in Switzerland , where watchmakers and other jewelers come to present new products, Samsung has decided to go for a walk. The manufacturer has teamed up with the Swiss Yvan Arpa to propose concepts of connected watches all more enticing than the others and prove that they have their place in this kind of fair. While smartwatch is becoming more and more successful, builders must persevere to become the standard.
The first watches above present a model that takes up the conventional design usually proposed showing the skeleton of the product. With this choice, Yvan Arpa highlights the luxurious side of the Gear S3. But the most interesting is the second concept that unveils a … pocket watch connected ! A proposal still unprecedented in the world of smartwatch and that makes you want to get your hands on it. The alloy on the class side, traditional, while being fully connected. Whereas Apple sells its Apple Watch at low prices for specific reasons , and whether Samsung is moving towards luxury watches (while continuing to offer accessible models)? What do you think ?