Test: 15 days with the Huawei Watch 2, the connected watch that will push you to zap your smartphone!

The Huawei Watch 2 spent two weeks in my hands. I was able to test this new connected watch which can do without a smartphone as well seems and here ...

17 April, 2017
Watches online: Samsung Gear S3 inspires designers

Who said that a high-tech giant could not inspire the creators? These connected watches based on the Gear S3 should make you change your mind.
As ...

29 March, 2017
Watches connected: A luxurious and bling-bling model that will make you dream

If you like luxury and bling-bling, this GC watchmaker's connected watch should make you a little dream!
The connected watches are the real success ...

23 March, 2017
Apple Watch Nike +: New colors and bracelets sold separately!

Nike and Apple regale us. The brand at the swoosh and the Cupertino firm have unveiled the new colors of the Apple Watch Nike +. Best of all, the ...

23 March, 2017
Cristiano Ronaldo: Watchmaker will soon launch a watch connected Android Wear 2.0

Ambassador of the TAG Heuer watches since 2014, Cristiano Ronaldo carries the Carrera Caliber Heuer 02 at the slightest opportunity. But CR7 could ...

23 January, 2017