With Beddit, the Apple Watch could analyze your dreams!

Techno 10 May, 2017

Apple has offered the services of Beddit. Thanks to this specialist in sleep monitoring, the Apple Watch under watchOS 4 could just analyze your dreams!
While a rumor suggests that the AirPods will be offered free of charge with the highly anticipated iPhone 8 , Apple has just bought the services of Beddit, the specialist in sleep monitoring. The latter has disclosed this information on its website. By acquiring Beddit, the Apple proves once again its interest in the follow-up of sleep . At the writing, we imagine that Apple could reserve us new features in terms of sleep on his watch connected. What if the next watchOS 4 was worthy of a true sleep tracker? MeltyStyle tells you more!
In addition to an app for iOS and watchOS, the Finnish Beddit sells accessories that can be placed under the duvet for better sleep monitoring. On the Apple Store, for example, you can shoe the Beddit 3 at 149 € . So why not expect an Apple Watch that would be able to recognize the different stages of sleep that we go through to define an optimized sleep program or even downright analyze our dreams? Time has already proved that nothing was impossible with Apple which should unveil its iPhone 8 in September . So, wait and see. ..