We immortalized Barcelona with the camera of the Huawei P10, here are our best shots!

Techno 2 March, 2017

Barcelona hosted the MWC 2017. And since we sent a reporter there, we were able to immortalize the city with the Huawei P10 which is equipped with a dual photo sensor. Here are our best shots, without any retouching.
We tell you and we repeat it: the camera of the Huawei P10 tutoie perfection. When we quickly took charge of this device , we had already realized that the third global manufacturer of smartphones still set the bar higher. While the P9, released last year, boasted of having a very nice camera designed in partnership with Leica, its successor has one that is even more “heavy” . Like its predecessor, the Huawei P10 is equipped with a dual photo sensor . The first sensor takes care of the colors with its 12 megapixels while the second manages the black and white with its 20 megapixels. And during our coverage of the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, We took advantage of our visit to the festival town to take some pictures with the Huawei P10, between two-three presentations. Here’s the result !
As Huawei does not do things by halves, the constructor – whose main ambassador is none other than Lionel Messi – has integrated an automatic detection algorithm with his P10. As a result, the smartphone records the ambient lighting changes oklm and automatically adjusts the shooting configuration . And since Barcelona does not lack nice spots, we could have fun like eggs. For meltyStyle, it’s simple: the Huawei P10 is equipped with a real camera! This is probably the best photophone that has been tested to date. If you want to shopper it will have to wait a few more days since its release is scheduled for March 24, 2017. The smartphone will be marketed from 599 euros.