We put the Kia Stinger to the test and we were not disappointed

Avto 28 February, 2018
  • Germain Goyer

    Tuesday, 27-feb-2018 18:15

    Tuesday, 27-feb-2018 18:15

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    At Kia, we recently woke up with the ambition to get rid partially of the image as a builder of vehicles low-end and low-quality.

    While on the side of Hyundai, we created a luxury division which bears the name of Genesis, at Kia, we opted for a different strategy : to integrate these vehicles with the same brand.


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    Based on the same platform as the Genesis G70, the Kia Stinger GT promised much.

    In theory, it has more to offer than its rival German and japanese, and this, at a lower price.

    It was put to the test on the track at Icar in Mirabel to see what she had in the belly.