We tested Clips, Apple’s app that will allow you to create cool videos for social networks

Techno 6 April, 2017

Apple is preparing to launch Clips, a new app to create cool videos from an iPhone or iPad and share them with your buddies or social networks and Youtube. We created a video with Clips and that’s how it works
Apple has recently unveiled Clips. This new application will revolutionize your life. Why ? It will allow you to create videos on iPhone and iPad cool enough to increase your power on social networks. With Clips, you can combine your photos with videos , add music to your creation, before sharing it on your various social networks or Youtube. Yes, we can finally create very fast improved videos from an iPhone or iPad . MeltyStyle had the opportunity to test Clips in preview and here is a video we could create in a few seconds.
Like the Snapchat and Instagram stories, you just have to press a button continuously to shoot videos , take “live” pictures or use files recorded on the film. The Clips app, which will be available within a few hours on the App Store , also introduces the Live titles, a new feature that creates legends and animated titles with the sound of the voice. You can also add filters, stickers or emojis, before sharing the video with your friends. It’s really stylish! Yes, you’re finally going to become a real Youtuber and publish videos as cool as those of your favorite influencer. But be careful, AR-TI-CU-LER !!