Westworld: Episode 9 which is Arnold? our criticism

Cinema 28 November, 2016

Westworld will have you glued to your chair! This episode 9 reveals many things, confirms theories and raises questions by showing us who is Arnold.

hbo-westworld-revelation-secrets-arnold-serieJonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, Westworld creators, we sway a lot of information, revelations and shock scenes . This episode 9 of the HBO series is downright crazy. Whether it concerns Maeve, Dolores, or (especially) Bernard, there’s something to be on the buttocks. Let’s start with the most important. Bernard met Maeve and thanks to it, he (re) discovers he is a host. Neither one nor two, he called Ford and forced it under the threat of armed Clementine, not responding to Bernard, to make him live all his memories. Gradually, Bernard recalls. The death of his son, the death of Theresa, Elsie’s death but as long as we do not see dead bodies, we have doubts, Westworld taught us to be wary . But that was nothing. Bernard wants to dig further, he wants to remember Arnold, co-creator of the park. This is where fans theories are confirmed. We therefore find that Bernard was created by Dr. Ford in the image of his former partner. Bernard = Arnold, we felt it coming but the revelation is still fraught with consequences . But it’s the end of the episode that really takes guts. Differences between Ford and Bernard are too important and in a turnaround, is forced by Bernard Robert suicide.
This journey into the head of Bernard, as intense and revealing as it is, is not the only crazy thing about this episode. The plot of Maeve, who recruits Hector, for his future plan of escape is always fascinating to watch. There’s something satisfying to see rebel against the park and humans. We can not wait to see what she scheming and what she will do next, in the last episode of this first batch of episodes. Fortunately for us, Westworld took command of a season 2 . Moreover, it is the same with the plot of Dolores. His revelation, his memory may change the game for the rest . Kidnapped by Logan, the host is used by the latter to torture William until she escapes injuring a human. That should have put us a flea in the ear. Dolores flees and returns to the abandoned city where the memories overwhelm. It descends into the bowels of the church to come face to forgiveness … Bernard Arnold. True, humans, before he died killed by Dolores . But that is only a memory. The real shock comes just after … Dolores is about to exit when the Man in Black falls on him!
Whaaaaat? There would therefore not 2 timelines for the Man in Black and William. Everything would be more or less at the same time? This is what let understand that meeting. Our theories as what William is the young version of the Man in Black, or the recently saying that Logan is the Man in Black young, so do not cut it. Except, except … that Dolores is a wounded moment and the moment after it is no longer. Is this a temporary jump? And there’s also the photo of the woman is that William is the same found in the pilot. In short, it is difficult to really know where and when the host is really ride. It remains to hope that the season finale next week broadcast on HBO and OCS City in US + 24 will answer all our questions. Before closing, we should also mention the doom that awaits Stubbs, the security official who is kidnapped by Indian robots that no longer meet. And there is also Charlotte who visits the Man in Black making us understand that in the outside world, the character played by Ed Harris is also part of the Delos Incorporated. In short, there’s enough mulling this intense episode up ‘the next and last episode. So what do you think the meltynautes?