Westworld: Why wait so long for season 2?

Cinema 23 December, 2016

Season 2 of Westworld is well confirmed, but we’ll have to be patient before we discover it! Here’s the reason!
Patience is a virtue we will need! Recently we told you about new parks and chaos for season 2 of Westworld , a new round of episodes that we should not find out until 2018! It is indeed a fearful expectation that fans of the latest addition to HBO will suffer. This idea of waiting over a year to find out what happens after the events of season finale may seem amazing for the fans, however it is worth noting that this could be a good thing . This is especially what Luke Hemsworth thinks, one of the stars of the show. In a recent interview, Ashley Stubbs’ interpreter talked about his work on the series and how this opportunity was incredible for him. But that’s not all !
Toward the end of the interview, the subject of waiting before season two was raised and the actor was not afraid to say there was a big reason behind it all. In fact, he says: “They are trying to make things right, they do not want to suffer the same as for the first season and be pressed for time, they want to do this season with a clear idea – from A to Z,.. with everything there is between ” . It is true that the showrunners, Jonathon Nolan and Lisa Joy, have proved that they know exactly what they are doing. Every moment of Westworld was well designed and perfectly controlled. If we want season two is as good, we must let the writers take their time . No one wants to see a hurried version of the series. Lately, we d√©voilions you the year unfolds Westworld! Do you think the wait will be too long?