What a gift for the birthday of Elon Musk!

Avto 11 July, 2017
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    Germain Goyer

    Monday, 10 July 2017 15:42

    Monday, 10 July 2017 15:47

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    For its 46th anniversary, the CEO of Tesla has received a gift of inestimable value.

    Ira Ehrenpreis, a member of the board of directors of Tesla, was the first in the queue to deposit$ 1000 is required to reserve a Tesla Model 3.

    This Saturday, 8 July, the first
    Tesla Model 3 is the output of the assembly plant. The next day, Elon Musk has shared with pride the photos on his Twitter account.

    First Production Model 3 pic.twitter.com/TCa2NSUNI3

    — Elon Musk (@elonmusk)
    July 9, 2017

    While Elon Musk was blowing his 46th candle on the 28th of June last, Ira Ehrenpreis has decided to offer him the first copy of the Model 3 as a birthday gift. You have to admit that it’s been a long time that you have not received a gift symbolic…

    While Tesla has accustomed us to the contrary, the periods of production have been respected in the case of the Model 3 until now.

    The Model 3 that we can see on the pictures is almost identical to the version of pre-production. The crest on the front wings is the main difference noted so far.

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