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Techno 2 April, 2018

2018-04-03 02:05

What happens to the consciousness when a person dies!
Life and death.

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Modern intensive care has dispelled many of the ideas about death. Not so long ago it was natural to assert that our consciousness dies along with the body. What he thinks about today’s science?

How is life after brain death

In recent years, scientists have repeatedly received evidence that after the death (lack of blood circulation, respiration and brain activity) brain cells need more time to achieve the state, when to bring them back to life is impossible. This does not mean that the man is alive, he’s dead. But the cells of his brain has not died, reports Rus.Media.

According to research scientists at the University of Washington identified 1063 genes that remain alive for 4 days after the onset of death. Their activity is thus not only not disappear, it increased sharply. It was strange, said the Professor of Microbiology Peter Noble.

Among them are quite a lot of genes controlling the development process. Thus making possible and at the same time a strange and disturbing an incredible fact. Namely, that in the period immediately following death the body begins to return to that condition which was characteristic of him when he was an embryo.

Professor Peter Noble even found that the cells of some animals after opening remain active for several weeks. As a result, an assumption was made that the termination of life occurs in stages — the body, its individual organs die gradually, at different speeds, but not instantly. To explain the reason for this phenomenon is not yet possible.

In 2016, Canadian Journal of Biological Sciences was reported, one case of 4 terminally ill patients off life support systems. While one of them within 10 minutes after death continued to be recorded Delta waves characteristic of deep sleep. But there was no dilated pupils, pulse, heartbeat. Scientists have not been able to find this fact natural scientific explanation.

Also, there are no explanations and in those cases where patients have experienced clinical death, tell all the details about how they were saved by the doctors. But now scientists based on the data obtained, suggest that when the brain dies and the body, consciousness does not die, at least not immediately. How long this condition lasts after the death of the body, say is impossible.

But sooner or later, science will provide the answer to this question. And maybe then we’ll finally know, why come to this world!

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