Whatsapp tests a feature that deletes messages you no longer want to send

Techno 3 February, 2017

Two new features for WhatsApp today! Good news: you will have the right to error … and you no longer need a network. Well almost.
The editorial ‘of meltyStyle you had talked in December, rumors suggested that you could soon change, and delete messages after they are sent on WhatsApp . No, it is not a joke, after the addition of new features, such as video calls or message citation, it was announced that it would soon be possible to modify and delete a bitterly regretted message thanks to the Option “Revoke”, also available on group conversations. Unfortunately for you, this new feature was only available at the time on the beta version of the application, so it was not accessible to everyone. Well, good news, that should soon change: IM account officially introduce two options that will delight its billion users . Which ? Discover them now!
Your dream will become a reality if you are the type to want to cancel the sending of messages that you find brilliant at first but that are revealed packed with faults or, worse, slip. A condition of being fast, WhatsApp will allow you soon to edit or delete the message that you just ship. Only condition: that your message has not yet been read by your recipient. “As long as the status is confined to” sent “(a gray chevron) or” received “(two gray chevrons), you have the opportunity to go back by pressing the impugned dialogue for a long time. delete or modify ” , the site says L’Avenir . Moreover, the latest application update allows users to send messages even when no network . Now messages sent offline will be put on hold and will be automatically forwarded to the recipient as soon as the phone is in an area with network access. The condition ? Have an iPhone. What do you think of these novelties?