Why your Business should be providing Care Packages

Business 9 March, 2022

Over the course of the pandemic, the care package has come through as a powerful way of conveying support (or even affection) for the person you’re sending it to. Given the sense of isolation many of us have experienced over the last few years, that’s probably not a surprise. As we move beyond the pandemic, it’s likely that the care package is going to stick around, and become a cornerstone of how businesses forge lasting connections with their customers.

What is a care package?

A care package is a bundle of items designed to be gifted to someone who is away from home – or otherwise isolated. These might be practical items, or luxury items, or items based around your product line. For example, if you’re selling houses, then you might conclude a transaction by sending a package to the customer’s new home, including all of the essential items they’ll need to get through the first few days.

What to include in a care package

What you include in your care packages will depend on your product line-up. Ideally, you’ll offer these items at a discount compared to their cost when purchased individually. This will provide your customers with an incentive to buy!

How to Market your Care Packages

Given that more people than ever are buying care packages, it follows that care packages are more easily recognised, and that their merits are more widely appreciated. Limiting the supply of your care packages will allow you gauge just how much your customers want them.

A few small runs will help you to test the waters. Holiday seasons, like Easter, Christmas and Hallowe’en, provide a great opportunity for seasonal bundles. This will allow you to keep your packages fresh, and maintain a sense of novelty. This can be critical in keeping customers loyal, and pushing seasonal products.

You should advertise your care packages via a dedicated section of your website. But you might also leverage email marketing campaigns, social media, and other avenues (some of them in the real world). Neglecting any of these channels will prevent your message from being as widely-received as it might be.

You might also encourage purchases by offering points and discounts through a customised loyalty program. Small care packages can be a powerful way of striking an immediate bond between your business and new customers and help to provide the emotional connection that can be so powerful in fostering loyalty in the long-term.

A care package might also provide customers with the push they need to subscribe to a loyalty program in the first place. It’ll also help to establish the idea that subscribing to the program is worthwhile, which will help you to accrue all of the benefits that come from reliable, repeat customers.