WWDC 2017: With iOS 11, AirPods are even more customizable

Techno 6 June, 2017

IOS 11 brings a lot of new features. The update of the mobile operating system of Apple can allow you to customize the double tap of your AirPods as you like!
With iOS 11, you can really do everything with your iPhone or iPad. This major update from Apple’s mobile operating system brings a lot of new features . And among these, the possibility to parameterize each AirPods with a special function for double tap . One can for example decide to launch Siri with the right earpiece and to put the music play on pause with the other headset. Yes, you read well. Apple’s AirPods will become even more cool. And these next lines are likely to amaze you.
The wireless headphones from Apple is also the parent of new features. You can now switch from one track to another via a single tap. Such a feature will prevent us from pulling the iPhone out of the pocket, and it’s really handy. In the editing, one expects more than one thing: That Apple finds a solution to modify the audio volume from the taps and without passing by Siri. Meanwhile, you can also (re) discover HomePod, the home iPod that wants to revolutionize music listening .