Xiaomi Mi 5C: A smartphone like no other

Techno 20 February, 2017

The Mi 5C should represent a small revolution in the universe of Xiaomi. The smartphone should distinguish itself from its colleagues on many points.
The Mi 5C should be a small revolution! Xiaomi will hold a conference at the end of the month, February 28, to present the evolution of its flagship smartphone. The Mi 5C should thus mark a break with its predecessors through several innovations. The first concerns its design. It could indeed be one of the few Xiaomi phones not to be equipped with physical button on the front. The leaks from Foxconn actually show a reduced bezel smartphone, which has only a photo sensor and a loudspeaker on its front. Aside from the Mi Mix, version 2 arrives , all the mobiles of Xiaomi had the right to a home button, physical or not. But the true revolution of the Mi 5C is hidden inside.
The second innovation of the Mi 5C is its processor, the first designed by Xiaomi. The manufacturer has been working there for more than three years, through the purchase of several companies from the market. The Chinese company confirmed last week, on Weibo, that the Mi 5C would be the first smartphone to be equipped with a Pinecone processor . Xiaomi will therefore be able to do without Snapdragon 625, originally planned. All this will be complemented by 3 GB of RAM and the latest version of Android Nougat, which took a little behind some Galaxy S8 . Absence of home button and home processor, here are the main innovations of the Xiaomi Mi 5C. Could he tempt you?