Xiaomi Mi 6: Dual photo sensor confirmed in a teaser

Techno 14 April, 2017

Xiaomi has unveiled a first teaser on the Mi 6. According to Gizmochina, its double photo sensor is confirmed.
Earlier this week, meltyStyle confided to you that the date of submission of the Xiaomi Mi .. 6 was announced . The flagship will point the end of its hull on April 19, to the delight of the fans of the mark concerned. But rather than wait until D-Day without appearing, the Asian manufacturer decided to raise the pressure in its own way … It unveiled a teaser in Mandarin, in which the double photo sensor of the Mi 6 is confirmed. Before you say more about this, we let you discover the teaser in question. You may not understand much, but the advantage is that you do not need to speak Chinese to appreciate the staging.
For the first teaser of her Mi 6, Xiaomi decided to let go. The costumes, the set, the actors’ game … Everything is collector in the video that the manufacturer has shot. But in addition to making us laugh, it also confirms one of the recurring rumors about the device, namely the presence of a dual photo sensor in the back . In any case, that is what Gizmochina says ! This dual objective could be the same as that of the Sony Xperia XZ Premium officialized during the MWC, and would guarantee photos of excellent quality. While waiting for the next teaser, (re) discovers the presumed characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 . Pressed to discover the Mi 6?