Xiaomi Mi 6: Overpowering, it outclasses the Huawei P10 and Galaxy S8

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is the most powerful Android smartphone on the market today. The Huawei P10 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 are far behind.
The Xiaomi Mi 6, the king of power? This is an important criterion when considering a high-end smartphone. Besides the size of the screen, the quality of the photo sensors or the design, the data sheet of the phone is an element to be taken into account. To objectively quantify the power of a mobile, the GeekBench tool is often used . This one gives him a base note 4000, and the higher the score, the more efficient the device. And in this little game, it is the Xiaomi Mi 6 that does the best. It outperforms its competitors, such as the Huawei P10 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 . Only phone to make him shade? The new Huawei Honor 9, recently formalized .
The Snapdragon 835 processor and the 6GB RAM of the Xiaomi Mi 6 allow it to be the most powerful Android smartphone on the market. In everyday use, it thus obtains the score of 1904, leaving the Huawei P10 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 far behind. It is nevertheless beaten, quite widely, by Apple’s iPhone 7 (More), which runs on iOS 10. When it comes to running heavier apps (like games), it ranks just behind The Huawei Honor 9, with a score of 6006 against 6049. However, the hegemony could not last. The Nokia 9 should take him first place at all levels , and the latter must be announced next month. The OnePlus 5 could also be the star of the Xiaomi Mi 6. So it is the most powerful Android smartphone on the market, but not for long. Is power an important buying criterion for you?

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  • maswae

    This isn’t a shock. Mi 6 outclasses last year’s Mi MIX and even that device is overpowered compared to those phones. Recently Mi MIX beat S8 in a speed test and then in a gaming performance test. But Mi 6 is significantly better than Mi MIX.