Xiaomi Mi 6: The 3 flaws of the new Chinese flagship!

Techno 27 April, 2017

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is not compatible with the 800 MHz frequency band, and it’s gone to last. MeltyStyle lists its 3 defects to make you forget your disappointment.
A few hours ago, meltyStyle broke your wildest dreams by telling you that the Xiaomi Mi 6 was not about to land in Europe . As its vice president has announced, the manufacturer prefers for now to focus on the “mass market” that is Asia, rather than opting for “a premium and elitist aim . ” Understandable, but a bit boring. You are one of those who have difficulty swallowing the incompatibility of the Mi 6 with the 800 MHz frequency band, and you are looking for a way to console yourself quickly? Do not worry, we have what you need … To make you forget your disappointment, we decided to point out the 3 defects of the smartphone concerned .
1. Its design is commonplace
The Xiaomi Mi 6 is rather elegant … It has curved edges on all 4 sides, and neat finishes. But what he really lacks is an identity. The new flagship Xiaomi is not identifiable at first glance … On the contrary, it can easily confused it with an Honor 8, a Huawei P10 or even an iPhone 7. It is still a shame for a smartphone top of the line.
2. It does not have a jack
The big weak point of the Xiaomi Mi 6 is that it is devoid of jack . The manufacturer tried to defend himself by arguing that the new components had forced him to suppress it … But frankly, no one was convinced by this argument. Some even suspected him to follow the path opened by Apple, a manufacturer he seems to admire. Just for that, it’s a good thing that you can not get the Xiaomi Mi 6.
3. It is not waterproof
The Xiaomi Mi 6 is certified IP53, which corresponds to “protection against dust” and “against rain up to 60 ° vertically”. But it does not allow him to be immersed, unlike many other smartphones on the market. The Galaxy S8, iPhone 7, LG G6 … All have IP67 or IP68 certification, allowing temporary or extended immersion up to 1m. In this area, the Mi 6 is lagging behind. So, is it better?