Xiaomi Mi 6: What’s more than the Galaxy S8?

Techno 20 April, 2017

The Xiaomi Mi 6 has just been officialized! MeltyStyle is interested in the points on which it is better than the Samsung Galaxy S8.
Largely teased since the beginning of the year, the Xiaomi Mi 6 was finally formalized this Wednesday, April 19. We discovered a smartphone with a neat design, and a technical sheet chanmé. What to compete with the Galaxy S8 whose pre-orders have already exceeded 700 000 units ? It’s possible ! If the Mi 6 can not boast of having an Infinity Display, it stands out from its South Korean rival on several other points … Starting with the power, since 6 GB of RAM come to support the Snapdragon 835 processor Against 4 GB for the Galaxy S8 . This association will allow it to open applications quickly, but also to run smoothly games energy-intensive. Gamers will appreciate, no doubt.
In addition to power, the Xiaomi Mi 6 incorporates a dual 12 megapixel rear photo sensor with dual LED flash, autofocus and 2x zoom. A device that is not equipped with Samsung’s flagship, despite its excellent photo quality. From the point of view of autonomy, the Mi 6 also stands out … As Xiaomi has rightly pointed out , the Mi 6 has a battery of 3350 mAh, against 3000 mAh for the Galaxy S8. What to scratch a few extra hours of use! Finally, it is by its price that the Chinese smartphone pulls the game … Why? Because it is worth only 2499 euros or the equivalent of 340 euros (excluding taxes), while his South Korean counterpart is offered at 809 euros. More than 450 euros of difference, it is not negligible. At meltyStyle, We are eager to have the first feedback from the users of the Mi 6, and the Mi 6 Ceramic which was announced in the wake . Rather Xiaomi Mi 6 or Samsung Galaxy S8?