Xperia XA1, Galaxy S8 … When Samsung and Sony are inspired by the swipe of Snapchat!

Techno 26 April, 2017

Sony and Samsung seem to be fans of Snapchat. The two manufacturers have equipped the Xperia XA1 and Galaxy S8 / S8 + photo apps with a similar swipe system to the social network.
Innovation also means making the most of the technologies that exist on the market. And that, Samsung and Sony have understood. The two giants have unveiled new smartphones: the Xperia XA1 for Sony and the Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 +. And we look forward to the launch of the Xperia XZ Premium, the high-end device of the Japanese manufacturer. But if the Xperia XA1 does not have the ambition (or potential) to compete with the Galaxy S8, Sony’s new mid-range smartphone is good enough to take charge . And to make it easy to use the Xperia XA1 and Galaxy S8 / S8 + cameras , both manufacturers have not hesitated to take inspiration from the Snapchat swipe.
The swipe is a move that consists of touching the screen to switch it to snapchat. On the Xperia XA1 and Galaxy S8 / S8 +, this swipe allows you to switch quickly from the main sensor to the portrait or selfie mode. It’s really cool and we get used to it quickly . And at meltyStyle, it is believed that the highly anticipated Xperia XZ Premium will also feature this type of operation which also makes it possible to call the app drawer. While waiting for the release of Sony’s flagship smartphone, rediscovered our grasp of the Xperia XA1.