You can relax. The Chinese station Tiangong-1 was completely burnt over the Pacific – Rus.Media

Techno 2 April, 2018

2018-04-02 06:50

You can relax. The Chinese station Tiangong-1 was completely burned over the Pacific ocean
As stated by the Chinese experts, the station burned in the dense layers of the atmosphere almost completely.

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All the fears of astronomers as to what the wreckage of a Chinese space station Tiangong-1 will fall on densely populated areas of the Earth were in vain. Space station tonight, April 2, completely burned in the atmosphere over the South Pacific ocean, reports Rus.Media.

The vast majority of debris have reached earth’s surface.

Tiangong-1 re-entered the upper atmosphere at 08:15 Beijing time (03:15 in Kiev – Approx.Ed.). The vast majority of parts of the aircraft burned in the process of re-entering the atmosphere”, say Chinese experts.

Station Tiangong-1 with the weight of 8,5 tons, with a length of 12 m and a diameter of 3.3 m was launched in September 2011. In the next two years to her twice pristykovyvayas the series spacecraft “Shenzhou”. Then flight of the space of the laboratory was held in naplatanov mode.

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