12 groups of rocks that have persisted after the departure of their singer

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    This is the result of a hurried departure, or death, the loss of a singer charismatic seriously calls into question the future of musical training.

    Regardless of the reason for the breakup between the singer and the other members, it is never easy for a band to continue the adventure and find a replacement class. Or continue without replacing.

    However, not allowing oneself to be disheartened by this event, some groups in the history of rock have persisted to combine the tours and recordings despite the absence of their iconic frontman.

    For better or for worse.

    Here are a few cases in rock history.


    After the death of Michael Hutchence, the group has stopped its activities for some time. For years, INXS was just concerts sporadic with guest singers.

    But the group has decided to take drastic measures in order to find a worthy successor to Hutchence. In 2005, the first season of the reality show american Rock Star, in which singers competed to be part of established groups, was devoted to INXS.

    The canadian JD Fortune has finally won the title. He stayed with INXS until 2010.


    The Doors

    Hard to imagine the legendary group without its King Lizard. However, after the death of Jim Morrison in 1971, keyboardist Ray Manzarek and guitarist Robbie Krieger have tried to share the vocals on two albums. Without success.

    The group, renamed The Doors of the 21st Century, has risen in 2001, with Ian Astbury, singer of The Cult, as a replacement.

    Depending on The Vintage news, the remaining members of the Doors had tried in vain to convince Iggy Pop to replace Morrison in 1971. Iggy Pop had declined the offer under the pretext that a singer death was “ghoulish and disrespectful”.


    The Cars

    After their separation in 1988, Ric Ocasek was formal: he would not go to a reunion of the band. That’s not a problem! Two other members of the Cars have “founded” the New Cars (the original!) in 2005, and have appealed to the old road Todd Rundgren to sing.

    It should be noted, though, that Ocasek wasn’t the only singer in the group. The bassist Orr has lend his voice to several hits by the Cars.

    The New Cars draw also in the directory of Todd Rundgren for their shows.


    Black Sabbath

    After leaving the group briefly for the first time in 1978, Ozzy Osbourne was replaced by Dave Walker. But Ozzy returned to the charge in 1979… to be thanked by the group in the same year!

    The most illustrious of the successors of Ozzy was Ronnie James Dio. Even that Sabbath was a hit again with Heaven and Hell released in 1980. But Dio decided to strike out on his own in 1983. That’s not a problem, Sabbath begins his search to find a new singer.

    Here is a list, surely not exhaustive, of singers, measured riffs of Black Sabbath:

    Ian Gillan (ex-singer of Deep Purple), David Donato Ray Gillen, Glen Hughes, Tony Martin (despite its name, it is not a crooner cross between Tony Bennett and Dean Martin).

    Ozzy finally returned to the helm of the group in 1997. Black Sabbath has officially separated in 2017.



    Rarely a change of singer has been as successful in a group. Without taking anything away from the imposing presence and the voice of Bon Scott (died in 1980), Brian Johnson has managed to preserve the reputation of AC/DC singing about the inevitable album Back in Black.

    His hearing problems were unfortunately forced to leave his place to Axl Rose for some services during the tour of 2016. But he is back on the boards as early as June of the same year.


    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    A plane crash has caused the death of 3 members, including singer Ronnie Van Zant, 1977. Ten years later, the latter’s brother, Johnny Van Zant, comes to lend a hand to the group by becoming their new singer.



    This transition between the departure of Peter Gabriel and the arrival of Phil Collins as the lead singer of the group in 1977, will continue to feed the discussion among the music lovers. The group’s sound was changed forever.

    If you want a fan of progressive rock provokes you in a duel, tell him that you prefer Invisible Touch or I Can’t Dance to any opus of the era Gabriel.

    In spite of what think of Homer Simpson…

    For you to judge…



    Steve Perry, who left Journey in 1998, the group began to search for a new singer. It is not easy to replace a voice like that of Perry.

    Steve Augeri tried to meet the challenge until 2006. Jeff Scott Soto has also held briefly the position until 2007. Just prior to the triumphant arrival of Arnel Pineda, of the Philippines, spotted on Youtube.

    The hiring of Pineda in the group has same end, the subject of a documentary, Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman”s Journey.


    Van Halen

    How to replace a frontman charismatic even in spandex who wowed the crowd with his acrobatics? We appeal to Sammy Hagar, already an old hand of the rock when he joined Van Halen to replace David Lee Roth.

    Even if his style is less flamboyant than the one dubbed “Diamond Dave”, Haggar has recorded 3 albums with Van Halen between 1985 and 1993.



    A few years after the death of Freddie Mercury, guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor have occurred sporadically in the show under the title ” Queen involving several guests to ensure the voice part.

    It was not until 2004 that Paul Rodgers, formerly of the training Free and Bad Company, will occupy the front of the stage. For the needs of the case, the group name will be slightly changed to Queen + Paul Rodgers.

    From 2012, Adam Lambert will sing with Queen for a few world tours.



    The lead singer Bradley Nowell was found dead after a concert in 1996. The other guys of the band have waited in 2009 before re-establish the group with a new lead singer, Rome Ramirez. Once again, the group preferred to make a slight change to its name by making reference to their new singer: Sublime with Rome.


    Judas Priest

    Tim “Ripper” Owens, a fan ended for Judas Priest, has replaced his idol Rob Halford on vocals in 1996. Finally, fans of Judas Priest, claiming to long for the return of Halford, Owens, as a true gentleman, has agreed to leave it in its place in 2003.

    The screenplay for the movie Rock Star with Mark Wahlberg is inspired by the epic story of Tim “Ripper” Owens in the formation of his dreams.