13 things that we have seen at the reggae night

Art 14 July, 2017
  • Jennifer Miville
    Jesse Royal and his group


    Thursday, 13 July, 2017 22:21

    Thursday, 13 July, 2017 22:21

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    While all eyes were glued to The Who on the plains of Abraham, hundreds of people gathered at place d’youville to vibrate to the sound of reggae.

    The Bag of chips has been there, here are 13 things that we’ve seen.

    1) people who did not seem that it was not necessary to pass to the Hydro-Québec stage.

    Bag of chips

    2) A nice temperature for High & Mighty Brass Band.

    It was fine for the trumpets and trombones!

    3) A trumpet player with a cape of Quebec.

    Bag of chips

    4) High & Mighty Brass Band-moving festival-goers.

    5) people reckless.

    Bag of chips

    6) A man who could not be more reggae.

    Bag of chips


    7) Jo Mersa Marley sings Three Little Birds, a song from his grandfather, Bob Marley.

    This is not the only song where he paid tribute to the latter! One love and Could You Be Loved also to sing and tap your foot to the festival-goers.

    8) A green ball.

    Bag of chips

    9) the smell of spring.

    (Unfortunately, we were not able to capture the emanation in the photo.)

    10) A street of Saint-Jean-crowded.

    11) A highly charged atmosphere.


    As has been said by the Jamaica Jesse Royal, “it is the best time to be alive”!

    12) fireworks!

    It is believed that these are the people daredevils who are behind it all. Unfortunately, we only managed to take a video where we see a single firework.

    13) hearts!

    It is clear that love is a favorite theme of Jesse Royal.

    Jennifer Miville

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