15 must-sees of the Just for laughs Festival

Art 11 July, 2017
    Jean-Marc Parent and Gilbert Rozon

    Yan Lauzon

    Tuesday, 11 July, 2017 14:38

    Tuesday, 11 July, 2017 14:38

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    Among the sea of shows will be presented from 15 to 30 July, Just for laughs, some sting more the curiosity. In here are 15.

    As a team


    “The Christmas of the Appendices”

    Difficult to wish for more beautiful gift than to celebrate Christmas in July, out with the fathers Christmas of humor. Wholesale party signed the Appendices.

    “Julien and his band”

    Best friends Julien Lacroix – Yannick De Martino, Mehdi Bousaidan and Rosalie Vaillancourt – join him for the show.

    “The event, JMP, 10th anniversary”

    The mere fact that this may well be the final concept of the kind signed by Jean-Marc Parent is worth the detour.

    “Jerry Seinfeld & Gad Elmaleh”

    Duo explosive formed of a monument to american humor, and the comic is the most popular French in Quebec.

    “Just for teens”

    An initiative in which young people love, with a bath of crowd in which will take part more than 100 artists. The theme of this year: as in your dreams!

    “Show surprise”

    What to expect: at the end of the evening musical, acrobatic, comedy, or magic? Patience, patience.



    “Katherine Levac run-in”

    Your chance to discover numbers that will be in the first show of this star of the comedy “Like me!”.

    “Jean-François Mercier – “Incomplete”

    An hour of jokes will give you a taste of what prepares the one who said “subtle”, “sensitive” and “touching”.

    “Philippe Laprise – between The two”

    Other popular stand-up comedian that offers an evening of break-in with its public. A time that promises to be interactive.

    “The small world Billy Tellier LIVE”

    The universe, remover of capsules radio is transposed on stage with Gisele, for the first time on the boards.

    “Christopher Williams – Comedian experience”

    The artist allows you to navigate the waters of multiple genres. On the menu: pure “stand-up”, like a “show” to rock and live performances.

    In music


    “André Sauvé with the OSM”

    The new texts and the folly of the comedian supported by the classical music. It is Impossible to pass it over in silence.

    Village People

    The presence of the policeman, the indian, the soldier and the cowboy rhyme with the success of “Y. M. C. A.” and “Macho Man”. Who says better?

    Plastic Bertrand

    The opportunity to sing – or even scream – without embarrassment “It glides for me” and “Stop or else”. The ideal time to put your clothes screaming.

    Kool & the Gang

    They have long since proven their worth in concert. Get ready for a great celebration!

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