5 questions to James Blunt in anticipation of its passage in Quebec

Art 14 July, 2017
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    James Blunt

    Friday, July 14, 2017 10:57

    Friday, July 14, 2017 10:57

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    James Blunt launched his fifth album ” The Afterlove, some months ago. This opus has put together with his good friend Ed Sheeran. The two men will share the stage during a concert at the Centre Videotron, on the 18th of July, and then at the Bell Centre, the next day.

    Patrick Delisle-Crevier magazine’s 7 days, spoke with the british singer.


    James, how would you describe your last album, The Afterlove?

    This is probably the album which I’m most proud of. I’ve been wanting to make music in a different way and I stir a little in order to get out of my routine. I have also worked with new collaborators, including my good friend Ed Sheeran. For my four previous albums, I was alone, a little sad, with my guitar. I do not deny these drives: I am very proud to have made but, this time, I wanted to do things differently. It has been very challenging, and I had a lot of fun.

    Why did you chose to work with Ed Sheeran?

    We have the same record company, and I like this guy and his music. I wanted to work with him, simple as that! I think it brings me into a different universe, and it is the same thing for the other artists who I worked with on this disc. I think MoZella, who I’ve written Don’t Give Me Those Eyes. In fact, each collaboration for this album has been very rewarding for me.



    Your success You’re Beautiful and Goodbye My Lover were now more than 10 years. What look do you think about these songs today?

    It has been a great success; there was a period where it had become really very big, but I still love these songs. I do not out ever of my repertoire during my shows. I am well aware that the public wants to hear, and I myself have still a lot of fun to sing.



    You will be in Quebec in a few days. It represents what, for you, to come back here?

    It is always an immense joy, because it is a bit here that everything started for me. The public has welcomed me with open arms, then it is always a pleasure to come to play here. I keep fond memories of my first shows in Montreal. It is a city that I love.



    You have now 43 years old. How is your quarantine?

    For me, this is only a number. I do not take me the head with it. I am happy, I am in a good period of my life, I am a dad recently… So, I make music, I travel and I don’t think at the age I am!