A 51st as big as the 50th in the line of sight of the summer Festival

Art 17 July, 2017
  • Photo Simon Clark
    The director general of the Festival of summer, Daniel Gélinas and programming director Louis Bellavance, were visibly very happy with the progress of the last 11 days.

    Cédric Bélanger

    Monday, 17 July, 2017 15:07

    Monday, 17 July, 2017 15:07

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    The programming is jam-packed with stars such as P!nk, the Backstreet Boys, Metallica, and Muse, the summer Festival has put the package to celebrate with pomp its 50th anniversary. Faith of Daniel Gélinas, the 51st will not resemble a hangover.

    The director-general of the FEQ has taken a broad smile to his programming director, Louis Bellavance, when he suggested, during the press conference of balance of the edition 2017, Monday, that the budget to pay the artists should stay at the same level in 2018, between 12 and $13 million.

    “People have no reason to worry about the 51st,” assured Daniel Gélinas.

    It is, therefore, to say that Louis Bellavance will still be the means of attracting seven or eight heads of displayed scale on the plains of Abraham.

    “If one has the money, 2018 is going to be spectacular. I am in some small movements to conclude my 1-2-3 punch on the Plains,” said Mr. Bellavance, keeping well to say what stars are in his line of sight.

    Festival-goers curious

    The FEQ has drawn a balance sheet more than positive of his edition 2017. “It was created out of the emotion scale”, a delighted Daniel Gélinas.

    Louis Bellavance, for its part, touted the curiosity of the festival-goers “who have dared to Kendrick Lamar, and Gorillaz”.

    However, the organization has refused to say which show had attracted the most attendees. About the goodwill, it will have to wait for the month of September, when the studies conducted during the event will be available, to see if a new mark has been established.

    Pre-stage: no big changes to expect

    Also, the rappers who complain about the atmosphere in the front area of the stage will do. The FEQ does not seem interested in changing the configuration of the site.

    “It has always been a source of concern […] that this box is sufficiently filled, especially for the first parts. But this year, aside from the hip hop and the evening with the electro, it has not been a problem. We have already looked at several options. We are just going to improve this place, but not from there to say that we will pack it completely,” said Daniel Gélinas.

    Gorillaz should come back

    Surprise success of the edition 2017, Gorillaz is part of the artists that the FEQ wants to bring them back to Quebec in the coming years. “They need to come play in Quebec city, these people. Damon Albarn, in any form, I’m on it. More P!nk? Anytime. Rammstein and Metallica, it was obvious that he had to bring it back, and we did that. There are others, in our recent past, who have not returned yet. We think of Bon Jovi, in particular,” said Louis Bellavance. Despite the criticism, the director of programming persists and signs: Michel Louvain and Migos were at the right place at the place D’youville and parc de la Francophonie. “When we have the chance to do something that is too big for a place, it gives a magical moment”, it argues.

    Daniel Gélinas: there “until proven otherwise”

    With the departure of his accomplice and long-time communications director Luci Tremblay, what is the future of Daniel Gélinas at the general direction of the FEQ? “I’m here until evidence to the contrary”, he answered when questioned by The Newspaper about it. It is known that rumours of the departure had circulated a few years ago in the open festival.