A bridge between the jazz and the soul

Art 15 July, 2017
  • Photo courtesy Quentin Curtat
    Ben l’oncle Soul will benefit from a short stay in North America to present his covers of Sinatra in Quebec city and Montreal, tomorrow and Monday.

    Vanessa Guimond

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 06:00

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 06:00

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    Although he has sung thousands of times that it was just a soulman, this has not stopped Ben l’oncle Soul leaning on the work of a crooner who has marked the history of the music : Frank Sinatra.

    Passage to Quebec and Montreal, tomorrow and Monday, the French artist will present to his fans quebec its wonderful times alongside an orchestra composed of six musicians and a DJ.

    For Ben, who grew up to the sound of another legend, Otis Redding, the recent discovery of the work of the “The Voice” was a revelation.

    “I discovered his music during a stay in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, he recounted in an interview. When I am back in France, I had a blues of the atmosphere (…) so I wanted to make a record, to mark my love for the west coast of the United States, but also the fact that it is a artist which I am very much interested. “


    It is what has brought the singer to start Under my Skin, in November. On this album, he takes on classics such as New York, New York, Fly Me to the Moon and My Way by infusing a dose of soul, funk, R&B and reggae.

    “I told myself that the fans would have to want to find the must (…) I didn’t want to scroll, so I attacked to the greatest standards. “

    Fans of Ben will be happy to learn that the artist intends to make another “bridge” between the genres, on his next album, focusing on the reggae-soul. If we rely on his version of New York, New York, there is something to be pleased about.

    Ben l’oncle Soul will occur tomorrow at 21: 10, Place d’youville. It will also stop at the National, Monday evening.