A comedy for Guylaine Tremblay

Art 11 July, 2017
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    In any case, Guylaine Tremblay propose a woman of the area who decides to go find her children moved to Montreal. This is the first in a series of fiction for the author Rafaële Germain.

    Marc-André Lemieux

    Tuesday, 11 July, 2017 05:00

    Tuesday, 11 July, 2017 05:00

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    The year 2018 will mark the return of Guylaine Tremblay to VAT. Eight years after Annie and his men, the actress will be the star of a new comedy entitled, In any case.

    In this series written by Rafaële Germain, journalist and author of the popular novels Gin and tonic and cucumber and bra and jacket, pink, Guylaine Tremblay will play the role of Danielle, a mother living in Saguenay who moved to Montreal to be closer to his children. It is an original idea of Anne-Élisabeth Bossé and Sophie Parizeau, producer at Casablanca, the company that designed The invincible and black Series.

    Like a dream

    In an interview with the Newspaper, Rafaële Germain said that she had thought of Guylaine Tremblay during the writing of the first episodes, but she was far to imagine that the actress could find the time to play his heroine.

    “It’s like a dream,” says the author. It is super inspiring to know that it is attached to the project. I can continue to write in imagining his way of speaking and being. This is fantastic ! “

    Viewers will be able to see Guylaine Tremblay on three of the four major general-interest channels next year, since in addition to resume his role of Marie Lamontagne in Unit 9 Radio-Canada, the workaholic will resume the orders of the Bench on Télé-Québec. In other words, his dominance at the Gala Artis seems to be in place until 2036 !

    We don’t know the name of the other actors who will appear in the credits In all cases. No director has yet been chosen. However, it is known that several characters revolve around the central trio formed by Danielle, his daughter Annie and his son Fred. The best friend of Danielle, his neighbor, the French, will be part of the batch. We will also learn to know his own mother, his classmates (because she decided to return to university and (possibly) her boyfriend.

    A series of ” soft and human “

    The first season In any case, which will be filmed this fall, will have 10 episodes of a half-hour. It will be presented no later than September 2018.

    Rafaële Germain is talking about a family comedy full of spirit which will touch the viewers. “I didn’t feel like a series of fat jokes, note the one that has been scriptrice for the issuance 3600 seconds of ecstasy of Marc Labrèche. I wanted it to have a soft side and human. “

    For Guylaine Tremblay, it is also a return to comedy 15 years after The little life and Stories of girls. “She is just crying in Unit 9 ! pleasant Rafaële Germain. She will be able to come laugh a little with us ! It will do him good ! “