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Art 15 July, 2017
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    Louise Bourbonnais

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 06:00

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 06:00

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    The Maison des arts de Drummondville presents for the summer season Sylvia, a play that has already had its share of success on Broadway. Adapted to the Quebec and will be presented for the first time in French, this romantic comedy tells the story of a couple who adopts a dog… which will be interpreted on stage by a woman in flesh and bones!

    If the piece was a success on Broadway when she took the poster in the mid-1990s, it had nevertheless been the subject of a controversy due to the use of a woman to play the role of the dog.

    Unlike in the movies, the possibility of having a real dog on stage was a challenge almost insurmountable. As to the use of a stuffed animal, she had apparently not made the subject of the piece. Thus, we had at the time entrusted with the role of the dog to Sarah Jessica Parker.

    In this new version to be flavour of québec, André Robitaille, who directed and who is also a co-producer, has decided to entrust the role to Sonia Cordeau, who will interpret the dog.

    “It’s a fun role and an extraordinary challenge,” says the actress Pierrette Robitaille, who is also involved in the distribution and personnifiera Catherine, the wife of Greg, camped by Marcel Leboeuf. “Catherine and Greg are a couple of baby-boomers who love to “, she says.

    Couple issues

    Although the couple has been married for several years living the perfect happiness, everything is going to capsize when Greg finds a dog in a park and decides to bring it home. Sylvia is going to take a lot of place in this couple, to the point of putting it in danger.

    Catherine doesn’t want a dog while Greg wants to keep it. It’s had a coup de foudre for the animal, but Catherine wants to devote his free time to travel and take classes. “They are both right in their arguments,” stresses Pierrette Robitaille.

    “Greg sees Sylvia as a woman and a human being,” she adds.

    The relationship of the couple is going to beat the wing to the point of having to see a psychologist. In addition to interpreting the therapist, Claude Prégent propose also a neighbor and a woman.

    A lot of emotions

    Although it is a comedy, the play should provoke many emotions. We will see the unconditional love that can stimulate a dog. “This is a story very touching, and that generates a lot of sympathy,” remarked the actress. The spectators may even shed a tear at the end of the room. “

    In addition, one will find Pierrette Robitaille at Théâtre Duceppe in December next in the room a Child insignificant by Michel Tremblay.


    ♦Author : A. R. Gurney

    ♦Director : André Robitaille

    ♦Translation and adaptation : Normand Chouinard

    ♦Distribution : Marcel Leboeuf, Pierrette Robitaille, Claude Prégent and Sonia Cordeau

    ♦Showing until 26 August

    ♦At the Maison des arts de Drummondville

    ♦Followed by a tour across Quebec