A member of Offenbach pays a vibrant tribute to Gerry Boulet

Art 19 July, 2017
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    Michael Labranche

    Tuesday, 18 July 2017 20:59

    Tuesday, 18 July 2017 20:59

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    On July 18, 1990, Gerry Boulet was losing his battle against cancer. 27 years later, his former guitarist John McGale not “famous” no. He has rather made a moving tribute on Facebook, where he says believe “the celebration of the life of man, and not her death.”

    “I will celebrate this event. Offenbach not celebrate this event. This is not for lack of respect, on the contrary, it is because I respect too this man”, he explains.

    Throughout his testimony, McGale shared with us his vision of the ‘ quebec, of the steps by which Offenbach’s past and how he joined the group with Breen LeBoeuf, another Ontario at the time.

    “The cancer has not need of applause. The cancer did not need a group of enthusiastic supporters”, he adds.

    One thing is for certain, Gerry Boulet, was far from being a man who let himself be cut down according to McGale. “Gerry was a fighter. He fought all the time that I knew him. In the film “Gerry”, he was represented as being low and has been seen crying a lot. This is not the man that I have known. I’ve never seen her cry”, he says.

    He then gives several examples that illustrate this character trait.

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