A return to his first love

Art 16 July, 2017
    JiCi Lauzon

    Raphaël Gendron-Martin

    Sunday, 16 July 2017 22:50

    Sunday, 16 July 2017 22:50

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    After an absence of 20 years, JiCi Lauzon presents his new show, Drôled’r.

    JiCi Lauzon has not launched one-man-show in Montreal since 20 years. “I am both excited and pissed off,” he said about his new show, Drôled’r. Discovered at Just for laughs in the 1980s, JiCi Lauzon has left the middle of the humor for twenty years to devote himself to his profession as an actor. Him who turns 63 years old on the 24th of July, this passionate environment returns to its first loves with a brand new comedy show, Drôled’r.

    Invited to be part of the series of 35 performances for 35 years Just for laughs, JiCi Lauzon tells the Journal to be both excited and pissed off ” by this back on the stage in the metropolis.

    “My “last first”” in Montreal, it was 20 years ago, ” he said. I have participated in events since then, but I’ve not done one-man-show. It is safe as it is exciting. I look forward to seeing the people. I play in a beautiful room very small, intimate. It pleases me a lot.”

    The fact that the market of humor is saturated currently not the concern-does it not ? “It does not scare me, he replies. Yes, the market is fragmented and I know there are big names who have difficulty to fill their rooms. But I don’t think about it. I bet on the sincerity. “

    The humor has changed

    It was after a short stint in politics – he ran for the green Party in 2015 – that JiCi Lauzon has decided to return to the humour. After having played Pierre Lacaille during more than a decade in the tv series Virginie, he acknowledged that he was rusty on his return on the boards.

    “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t. It has changed a lot today compared to the 1980s. The pace has accelerated. When I watch Louis-José Houde, Martin Matte, or François Bellefeuille, it speaks quickly. There is also an aggressiveness in the speech that I did not. It gives me nothing to attempt to go there. “

    “Who knows me ? “

    After having been a public figure very prominent in the 1980s (he had been team 100 Limit before animating his own show, Metropolis), JiCi Lauzon acknowledges candidly do not know who is his audience right now. “I do not know who knows me. But I try to make a show for everyone. “

    Why have you opted for the title Drôled’r ? “Because it is in a strange era that we live. What are some tunes that I play. This is a funny air that we breathe. I wanted to write it in text “, replied the humorist, which will include the environment and the political in his show.

    JiCi Lauzon presents his show Drôled’r from 19 to 23 July at the salle Claude-Léveillée of the Place des Arts. For details: hahaha.com.