A successful party for Belle et Bum

Art 16 July, 2017
  • Sandra Godin

    Sunday, 16 July 2017 23:02

    Sunday, 16 July 2017 23:02

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    It has been affected, we were surprised, and we danced. Belle et Bum and his many guests have had full ears on Sunday at the Parc de la Francophonie, to celebrate with brio the 50 years of the summer Festival, and at the same time, its 15 years of existence.

    With fifteen people on stage for the tv show, including the facilitators, Normand Brathwaite and Mélissa Lavergne, we had a great evening of music for the closing of the FEQ. An evening of “hits” where the audience could sing all the songs. A true firestorm, as they had promised us.

    In the opening, with The chasse-Galerie Claude Dubois was a brilliant wink at the closing concert of the 25th summer Festival, he gave at Place D’youville in 1992, where he arrived on the scene on a motorcycle, with Robert Charlebois, the sound of the same song.

    Each guest had his own reason to be scene. Claude Dubois has participated in the Festival were nine times since 1982. Éric Lapointe, eight times. Patrice Michaud, who has lived in Quebec, grew up with the FEQ. About Yann Perreau, he made his debut at Belle et Bum.

    Melanie Renaud on stage

    Normand Brathwaite recalled, “despite all the medications I’ve taken for the past 15 years,” he blagué, the first show of Belle et Bum: Claude Dubois had participated in interpreting Need to live, a number that was relived yesterday evening.

    The directory was largely in quebec during the evening, as all the guests went there of their own success. Lapointe was raised on the crowd – as he does so well – with anything, That is what it can ben to do, and The boys, in a large number collective.

    Patrice Michaud delivered his Bomber and its Mechanical general, and, still as intense, Yann Perreau made us dance with I love birds.

    Since the issue has always put forward the music of the world, the percussionist star Élage Diouf came to bring the temperature up a notch to the sides of Mélissa Lavergne unleashed, before Marie-Pierre Arthur does make a version completely exploded of All Right.

    The surprise of the evening was the presence on stage of a friend of Éric Lapointe, Mélanie Renaud. While we learned recently that she had cancer of the ovaries, the female singer joined him for My angel, a song on which she was a chorister at the age of 18.

    Some highlights of the FEQ

    The guests were brought back to the surface several key moments of the past five decades: the “show of bouette” Bérurier noir in 1994, and Stevie Wonder, who has dedicated his show in 2013 to the victims of Lac-Mégantic. With Honky Tonk Women, Patrice Michaud has reminded us of the historic concert of the Stones in 2015.

    In the end, the collective has done a nice nod to the show of the Roommates on the plains in 1999, with Tamp you out of there.

    Despite the eclecticism of the numbers, everything was fluid. Normand Brathwaite and Mélissa Lavergne has done well in the animation, making sure the transitions between the numbers, and return in the history of the show and of the FEQ, which “share the same values’, was argued, with reason, Mélissa Lavergne.

    ► The show Belle et Bum will be released on 16 September, 21h, on Télé-Québec.