A unique experience

Art 15 July, 2017
  • Photo courtesy Jean-Charles Labarre
    Serge Fiori and Louis Valois sign
    the musical score of the show
    closing of the International fire
    Loto-Québec, which will be presented to
    The Round, on 5 August.

    Vanessa Guimond

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 06:00

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 06:00

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    Develop the musical score for the closing performance of the International des feux Loto-Québec : it is the mandate that has been entrusted to Serge Fiori and Louis Valois, a few months ago. The experience, unique in its kind, proved all the more remarkable is that the duo has had to deal strictly with the works of Fiori and Harmonium.

    “It is very touching. It is wonderful “, we said, in the interview, Serge Fiori, the first quebec artist whose work will be celebrated in the framework of a spectacle pyromusical of the International des feux.

    “It is a very great experience, said Louis Valois. We get together, Serge and me, in the same condition in which it was at the time when it was part of Harmonium and we did shows. “

    It took three months for the musicians to create the soundtrack of 30 minutes that was expected of them.

    “It’s a bit like getting an album (…) All of a sudden, I sit down in front of my work table, in the studio, and I start to improvise. At any given time, there is a sequence that is established, with its climbs and its effects, explained Serge Fiori. It was done instinctively. “

    Throughout the process, the duo has been able to count on the collaboration of Paul Csukassy, the technical director of the event.

    “It took us three or four trials before finding the right combination, stressed the singer. Sometimes, we were too planants (laughter). We were told that we did not leave much play for the firecrackers ! “

    Presented on the 5th August, the show will allow the audience to hear one of twenty songs drawn from the whole of the work of Fiori and Harmonium. Among them is today, I say hello to life, For a moment, a musician, among many others, Green, Come dance and Song black.

    The future

    Over the next few weeks, Serge Fiori and Louis Valois to focus on the installation of their studios, the ones who cherish are already many projects. It speaks of the creation of new components, but also a business similar to that of The heptad XL, version remastered of The Heptad sold over 320,000 copies.

    “(The success of The heptad XL), it gives us the taste to continue, even if from one project to the other, it is always difficult, since you have it again always at zero, ” pointed out Serge Fiori.

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