Alexandre Goyette “the bohemian” is coming in “The Breakaway”

Art 19 July, 2017
  • Sébastien St-Jean / QMI Agency

    Yan Lauzon

    Tuesday, 18 July 2017 17:20

    Tuesday, 18 July 2017 17:25

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    Among the new characters from the second season of the television series “The Breakaway”, this fall on TVA, there will be Bruno, a man “very bohemian” which will come to life in the guise of Alexandre Goyette.

    After his solid performance in the series “Fires” and its return noted in the daily “District 31”, the actor will land in Sainte-Alice-de-Rimouski to come shuffling the cards.

    “Bruno comes out of mothballs. He comes to find her brother [Patrick Landry played by Daniel Parent]. This is a guy who has been fighting in mixed martial arts at a high level. Now, it makes small work of the reno… he lives a bit in his “truck””, a detailed Alexandre Goyette on the set of the soap opera, Verchères.

    “It is a character very bohemian, which has no ties or financial problems. It will find the beautiful Brigitte Francoeur property of its taste, but it is taken.”

    A mystery

    Designed by Michelle Allen, the role of Bruno could have a big impact.

    “In his life, he has had to manage the violence and the anger. This anger, we do not know too if it is present in him or not. It no longer seems to be there, but is it that this monster could resurface? We don’t know,” said Alexander Goyette.

    In addition to the last, viewers will see the arrival of Rémy Girard, Anne Casabonne, Laurie Babin, Genevieve Schmidt, Isabelle Brouillette and Sacha Charles when the series will return to the antenna in September.

    Without pity

    The inhabitants of Saint-Alice-de-Rimouski, will also have his hands full with another man, David Lelievre.

    Even if the character played by Patrick Hivon was to become “a little more lax for business” and “more vulnerable to the blows of the other”, it will remain the one you love to hate.

    “It is a manipulator above all else. He is calculating, he plans his actions. He has no mercy for anyone, no empathy,” admits the actor.

    And then, he will not have lost its luster for shoot, always to his advantage, the maximum of a situation. “He is very clever. It has a lot of luck. He plans his business well,” said his interpreter.

    If we are to believe Patrick Hivon, David still reserve surprises. “I decided to do a little bit of a psychopath. These people will go out of business and arguments destabilizing going all the time to undermine the interlocutor. These are people who continue to amaze.”