Amber Heard complains after pornographic scenes shot without her consent

Art 3 April, 2017

Amber Heard considers herself abused. Furious, the actress accuses the producers of the film London Fields of having used a lining for scenes of sex turned without her consent.

Nearly three months after his divorce mediated with Johnny Depp , Amber Heard is again entangled in a legal case. Victim of ” sexual exploitation “, the actress whom several media say in couple with a billionaire of Silicon Valley , sues Christopher Hanley and his wife Roberta, both producers of the film London Fields in which she played in 2015. According to her, the couple would have engaged a lining to shoot sex scenes without her consent. Worse still, they would have waited until she had finished her contract to record, without her knowledge, the scenes she refused to play.

” Amber Heard is the latest victim of this unhealthy and evil couple.” After reading the script, she particularly stressed some restrictions on nude and sex scenes, and it was a condition for her to participate in the film. ‘Hanley. his request was included in nudity clause in his contract , said the lawyer of the young woman to the Hollywood Reporter . the secret filming with the liner was not registered with the schedule presented to Amber Heard and was filmed with a ghost team after Amber left the set. Images with this lining include pornographic scenes she would never have agreed to shoot herself.These images clearly have the objective to make any spectator believe that it is indeed Amber that appears on the screen. ”

The couple of producers claimed to be innocent and shouting at the plot: ” This is the last of a series of fantastic allegations that Amber made, as was the case in his media divorce. It is nothing more than a tactic of diversion to forget its bad conduct. “