Amir and Kendji Girac at Enfoirés, they join the troupe

It’s the big night, TF1 will finally broadcast the annual concert of the Enfoirés. On the program, two new participants with Amir and Kendji Girac.
If Vianney, who has recently picked up “Tchikita” from Jul live, refuses to participate in Les Enfoirés , this is not the case for everyone. Yes, two new ones join the troupe this year! You will have understood by reading the title, The Voice is on all fronts. Amir and Kendji, both of whom have participated in season three of the tele-hook, will be part of the adventure this year . The two finalists were hot boiling at the Zenith in Toulouse in January when the concerts were filmed. We will find them tonight ( March 3 , 2017 for latecomers ) on TF1 for the long-awaited broadcast. Attention, expect a few changes

And yes this year will be the first without Jean-Jacques Goldman. The singer bade farewell to the troupe last year. As a result, this year’s anthem is signed by Grégoire and Mc Solaar: “It’s just a little song, a little song of love for all those who are for, who believe in it, Who are fighting in spite of everything. ” Do you have it in your head? Nothing more normal. Wait for the release of the CD and the DVD (the day after the broadcast ) and do not hesitate to throw yourself on them. Remember, they rely on you! And then, what would we not give to live and relive the hazing that awaits the two former talents of The Voice. We are told in the headset that there would be pink tutus in the story. Business to follow! Waiting, You can always listen to music with “Peine & Pitié”, the long-awaited collaboration of Vitaa and Stromae . Looking forward to seeing the Enfoirés?

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