Ariana Grande: princess pop became rebellious

At 23, the princess of pop culture grows more and more sexy. Accused of antipatriotism following the famous “donut scandal,” it nevertheless continues to chain successes. Back on the young career of the “dangerous woman”, who is visiting the Bell Center tonight.


Ariana Grande has been in the limelight since she was 15 years old. Originally from Boca Raton, Florida, she made her debut in the Broadway entertainment industry, where she landed the lead role in the musical 13 , before embodying Cat Valentine in the Victorious series . Ariana Grande then takes on some of the known tunes on YouTube, but it’s her first clip, The Way – which she plays with rapper Mac Miller (who has since become her lover) – who launches it. The young singer is sacred revelation of the year by the Music Business Association for her debut album, produced by Babyface, Yours Truly (2013). His duet with Iggy Azalea, Problem , becomes his first world tube.

Model became rebellious

His most recent album, Dangerous Woman , seems to mark the beginning of a new era for the singer. Her fans even talk about a soft porn turn as a result of the recent publication of the Everyday video , where she sings with the rapper Future. The message could not be clearer: like Britney, Miley and other former stars, Ariana Grande wants to break her image of lolita with her third opus. The critics of his tour do not hesitate to describe his spectacle as sulphurous. If she cultivates an image of sexy girl, Ariana Grande denounces no less the objectivation of the woman and the misogyny of which she is victim on the social networks.

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Unmatched Imitator
During her first interview on the set of a talk show, Ariana Grande reveals her talent as an imitator to Jimmy Fallon, host of the Tonight Show , by incarnating none other than Celine Dion. A performance that goes around the world and leads the young singer to commit a second time in March 2016 as a presenter of Saturday Night Live , imitating this time with talent Britney Spears, Shakira and Rihanna. Céline Dion said in an interview that she appreciated the performance of Ariana Grande.

Beef fryer
Formerly a frequent visitor to the White House, Ariana Grande is a persona non grata since the famous “donut scandal” in July 2015. Accompanied by her boyfriend of the time, dancer Ricky Alvarez, the singer is filmed by a camera of Watching as she licked donuts while declaring, “I hate the Americans, I hate America. It’s disgusting. “A blunder that earned him the wrath of his fans, but above all the cancellation of a performance at the White House as part of a gala organized by Barack Obama. Despite the two videos of excuses posted on YouTube, the young woman has not walked back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The beauty and the Beast
Ariana Great duet interpreter with John Legend the song of the new adaptation of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast , featuring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. The film has not been released yet, but the song has already been listened to more than 17 million times on Vevo. The title composed by Alan Menken and written by Howard Ashman was sung by Angela Lansbury in the 1991 homonymous film. Céline Dion and Peabo Bryson were the first to interpret it as a duet.

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