Ariana Grande SPEAKER? It was the revelation BUZZ OFFICIAL that was not expected at all

Art 2 February, 2017

We stop everything! Ariana Grande would be pregnant and we really did not expect it

While Kendall Jenner heartbroken and lays in super sexy underwear for clashing guys , for others its just the absolute happiness. Attention is the moment pink notebook. The official account of the Associated Press Entertainment tweeted a great news for Ariana Grande since it would BE PREGNANT! You can not believe it? You are not the only ones. But wait … It may not be what you think. The post has been deleted from Twitter within minutes after its publication and the account has posted a message instead of excuses: “@APEntertainment removed from his account a tweet about Ariana Grande He was not authorized by us.. We are investigating ” . A funny message that casts doubt above all that Ari has not commented on this information … By cons, there is little doubt about the absence of Justin Bieber at Gammy Awards 2017 since the time of marriage rang ! So, do you think she’s pregnant?