Bon appétit, the cannibal clip by Katy Perry

Art 13 May, 2017

The American singer unveiled on Friday a new title with accents frenchies, in duo with rappers Migos. Probably a denunciation of the woman-object, the clip oscillates between sexy representations and bloody allusions.
On Friday, May 12, Katy Perry released a new clip on her YouTube channel. The singer is literally cooked on the music of the song with the evocative title Bon Appétit . Sung in duet with rappers Migos, the video exceeded in 10 hours the 10 million views.
Katy Perry is hungry. But before eating his guests in a pie straight out of Sweeney Todd: The Diabolique Barbier of Fleet Street , it is she who will be cooked. In the clip of Bon Appétit , the singer is first placed under vacuum before being kneaded, floured and finally seasoned. For Katy Perry to be cooked to the point, it is advisable to let it simmer several hours in a broth of vegetables, according to the clip.
The bloody story will end in a club where rappers Migos are seated. Katy Perry will then return the situation. First presented as a dish of resistance, performing for the occasion a lap dance, the singer will eventually cook her guests in turn. The criticism of the woman-object seems to inspire the artist more than ever. Bon Appétit Baby!