Booba: Turfu, a new surprise single for the summer!

Art 4 August, 2017

New Booba title in sight! We take stock of her upcoming single “Turfu”.

When Rohff explains that his next single “Broly” is going to be incredible , Booba is never far away. The rapper also announced the arrival of a brand new sound. In any case, this is what he suggests with one of his recent Instagram publications. Always on the lookout, impossible to miss it! The self-proclaimed Duc de Boulogne has in fact posted the possible cover of a next title with the mention “Turfu” precisely.

“Turfu” will be the next title of Booba ? We want to say that there are great chances! Attention however, the rapper was very discreet. He who used to mention a lot of hashtags with his images, he put no legend on it . More than waiting patiently for new information. On the subject Knowing the artist who does not hesitate to quickly raise the mysteries about him , it should not be too long.