Booba: Turfu, a new surprise single for the summer!

New Booba title in sight! We take stock of her upcoming single “Turfu”.

When Rohff explains that his next single “Broly” is going to be incredible , Booba is never far away. The rapper also announced the arrival of a brand new sound. In any case, this is what he suggests with one of his recent Instagram publications. Always on the lookout, impossible to miss it! The self-proclaimed Duc de Boulogne has in fact posted the possible cover of a next title with the mention “Turfu” precisely.

“Turfu” will be the next title of Booba ? We want to say that there are great chances! Attention however, the rapper was very discreet. He who used to mention a lot of hashtags with his images, he put no legend on it . More than waiting patiently for new information. On the subject Knowing the artist who does not hesitate to quickly raise the mysteries about him , it should not be too long.

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