Box Office: Beauty and the Beast Reports Big

Disney’s fairy tales are still racing: the new adaptation of the classic The Beauty and the Beast broke records at the box office last weekend to record the best start of the year in Quebec and America North.
In just three days, Beauty and the Beast has raised $ 170 million in theaters in the United States and Canada, according to results compiled by the Mojo Box-Office specialty site. This start-up has allowed Disney’s production to break the record of the first most profitable weekend in history for a movie released in March.
The new film version of The Beauty and the Beast has also dominated the box office elsewhere in the world. The film featuring Emma Watson is already totaling more than $ 352 million at the worldwide box office.

First in Quebec
Unsurprisingly , Beauty and the Beast also sounded the caisse in Quebec cinemas. Presented on 144 screens across the province, the film directed by Bill Condon was largely at the head of the Quebec box office with receipts over $ 1.8 million collected in three days.
According to Cinéac, this is the best start of the year at the Quebec box office, in front of the action movie Logan , which raised $ 1.1 million during its first three days on the bill there two weeks.

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